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Confidentiality policy
The current confidentiality policy details the conditions for the collection, use and sharing of personal or non-personal information that you provide to Algimouss when you use our website.

– Definition of personal and non-personal information

Personal information, («personal information»), refers to all information that identifies you as a particular person and non-personal information, («non-personal information»), refers to all information that does not identify you as a particular person.
Algimouss still respects the regulatory definition to determine what information is personal and what is not for the purposes of the current confidentiality policy. Where the current confidentiality policy refers to « information » or to “your information” this can include personal information as well as non-personal information.

The current confidentiality policy only concerns the information collected on our website.

– Information collection and usage
The information collected on is only used within the legal framework as laid down in France for the respect of privacy. The Algimouss company is the only recipient of the information.

During the usage of the website, the following personal information could be gathered:
– The URL’s of the links through which you have accessed the website,
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The information is used to ease your navigation on the website and allow the measurement of frequentation of the website.

Through the sending of the application from our contact form:
– Name
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During the sending of the application from our contact form on the “Become a Retailer” page:
– Company name
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The information is used exclusively to contact you following your contact, in order to discuss with you the possibility of becoming a retailer for Algimouss products.

During the sending of the application from our contact form on the “Become Authorised Dispenser” page:
– Company name, legal status
– Address
– Telephone
– E-mail address

The mandatory information, (marked by a *), is only used for us to contact you following your initial contact, in order to discuss with you the possibility of becoming an authorised dispenser of Algimouss products. The other information on the “become an authorised dispenser” form is optimal and will be used anonymously, only for statistical purposes.

The Algimouss company is the only recipient of the information. No personal information from a user of the website is not, and will not be, published, exchanged, transferred, given or sold without the knowledge of the user to third parties in any form whatsoever.

-Exercise your rights in respect of your personal information

You have the right of access, modification, correction and deletion regarding the information collected on the website, in the conditions laid down and amended in article 31 of the law of  6th January 1978, pertaining to data processing, files and freedom and those provided in the European regulation 2016/679 from 27th April 2016, (RGPD). To exercise them, you can contact us via our contact form.